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15 September 1992
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No problem here. [/Earthbound]

On the internet, I'm either known as PaperMarioFan, Kylemon, or FerrousLucario. I prefer the first one, but it's okay if you call me by whatever else. People usually say Paper or PMF, so you can too.

If we share several of the same interests, we can probably easily get along. Basically, if you like the Ace Attorney, Earthbound/Mother, Pokemon, or (Paper) Mario series, then that's enough for me. BUT if you like things that I do not like, I won't mind at all. I'll be friendly to anyone that's friendly to me. :D

I should probably get unlazy and do more of these because they're somewhat entertaining. :o

nanabound is my amazingful brofriend!

Now to end this with a sparrow-like...